yes i am embarrassed!




So i’m doing this right?

Feedja is a long desired project of mine (a total RSS and feed reading addict) who finally got some time on his hands to build something 🙂

Right now it’s a very basic and (featurewise) minimal RSS Reader/Syncer.
Feedja’s focus lies clearly on syncing, syncing to mobile devices and apps.1
Because (for me) the correct way of blazing through your feeds and articles, is on an iPad located in your bathroom livingroom.
In a web browser, I want to add feeds, and that’s it.

Right now the first invites should arrive in your mailboxes! Please hit me with every feedback you might have.

  1. There are already Developers out there implementing the Feedja API.
    If you want to add Feedja somehow in your App/Service, just Contact me via twitter or mail.